Resale Answers to Common Questions

Estoppel request is handled by a third-party called community archive. The office has no authority on turnaround time or cost of service. Please go to or call 954-922-3514 to place an order.

There is no MASTER ASSOCIATION for this property. 

There is no condominium approval for buyers.

The association does not require any minimum down payment.

The building has a minimum 10% reserves

The building has a current reserve study with a

 reserve schedule.

There is a special assessment which began in Jan 2015. 


The special assessment balance owed can be

 transferable to buyer or paid off.

 No cash refunds will be made after assessment is paid in

 full.  Advanced payment on SA will transfer from buyer to

 buyer. All credit/debit must be documented on CD. 

Advanced payment on special assessment can not be

transferred to the maintenance account as payment for

monthly dues.   


       The budget does not include cable nor internet service. 


The monthly association/maintenance fee include Water & Sewer, trash disposal and maintenance of the common areas including insurance (not for inside of unit (HO6)) and electricity common areas.
Pet restrictions - 2 pets max. 60lbs. Please see for more details.

There is no minimum credit score required by the HOA for the Buyer.

The building does not have Chinese drywall.

Leases are allowed two per year; can be three months, six months or one-year lease. 

It is ok to rent during the first year.

Minimum lease days is 90 days.

Parking spot is assigned not deeded.